Dunns River Falls, Ocho Rios

Dunns River Falls is one of Jamaica’s most visited attractions. The cascading waterfalls are breathtaking and make for beautiful pictures with your loved ones. The unique draw to this attraction is that you can actually climb the 600 ft waterfall either with a tour guide or on your own. It’s not that difficult as long as you’re in physically decent shape, just be sure to use caution just like with anything else. Once you get to the top, you can start over again as many times as you'd like. For those of you who aren’t as daring, you can watch from the sideline and still enjoy the beauty of this attraction. Details about documents: Georgia apostille. globalapostille.us

Tip: If you're going to climb, wear waterproof shoes that stay securely on your feet. They're rented for JMD $400 (around US $5) and sold for $1200 (around US $14). There are also lockers for rent which cost JMD $675, they'll give you back $250 when the key is returned.

Location: Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Admission: Residents JMD $600 Adults, $300 Children (2-11yrs). Non Residents US $15 Adults, $12 Children
Hours: Daily 8:30am-4:30pm
Phone: 876-974-5944
Website: http://www.dunnsriverfallsja.com/

I love Dunns River Falls!

Dunns River Falls was one of my favorite parts of visiting Jamaica - Breezy herself took me there! It was so much fun and I love that you can spend as little or as much time there as you like! My tip is to bring a disposable underwater camera - we got some great, fun pics. But wear the wrist strap!


If there was only one attraction you had time to see while visiting Jamaica, it would have to be Dunns River Falls. In all of my travels, I've never seen anything else like this. You're literally climbing up the falls stepping on rocks while the water is flowing beneath you.

I'm not a fan of holding hands in a line formation while climbing, which is very popular with the tourists. I just think its much safer to have your hands available for balancing yourself on the rocks. Also, you don't have to go up with a guide, just use your best judgement and take the paths that are the most travelled.

It's a lot of fun but you also need to pay attention to where you're going and even the people around you. I've seen people stumble or fall back and cause a domino effect of falling people. Create some space between yourself and those around and always be alert so you don't get hurt. This is really not something that small children should participate in.

You'll definitely need waterproof shoes although some people go barefoot and even in sneakers. The shoes that are rented at Dunns River Falls are good because they're sticky too.

I highly recommend Dunns River Falls, even if you're going just to see the Falls and not climb, it's worth it.

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